Thursday, August 28, 2008

haha winston

If anyone has heard winston peters is being investigated by the serious fraud office... all i can do is say ha-ha winston you've really done it this time. And seriously who is stupid enough to piss off bob jones? you've really gotta be stupid to do that.

One more thing to use in an argument with the local NZF supporters, no hold on theres only one.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Privacy awarness week?

How many awarness weeks are there? I'll tell you, too many. I woke up this morning turned on the television and get some news story about "privacy awarness week", i proceeded to watch it and it just amazed me. Its no secret that people can steal your information but there is no need for an awarness week about it, anyone stupid enough to not be careful about what they put on the internet obviously shouldn't be on there. The woman on the tv went on about how small businesses you don't know might take your information, well she is obviously ignoring one of the biggest companies, most trusted companies that does this.... GOOGLE. Now i'm not completley against this, the fact is they actually develope search profiles then sell it to companies but that isn't the point, don't pretend to know about companies that sell information and then ignore one of the biggest and then continue to lecture people about how to keep their information private, if your too stupid to withhold your own information on the internet and need someone to make an awarness week and teach your about then i've only got one thing to say..... GET OFF THE INTERNET.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Maybe you should think about what you say

Nationals welfare policy has been all over the news recently and national radio interviewed people this morning (they were benificaries) on what they thought about it, and whadda ya know some moron comes on saying "oh its very stressful for parents to have to work and pay taxes and such". Now this made me mad, for a benificary to say to hard workers who do have stressfull jobs that they shouldn't have to work because they have children is absolute crap. My dad is a hard worker and his job is stressfull at times, but he doesn't moan on the radio saying he shouldn't have to have a job and pay his own taxes but somehow some moron who is either a benifcary or not can come along and say people who have never put anything back into society "you shouldn't have to work because it will be stressfull and you have children to take care of". It amazes me how idiotic some people are, maybe the SS came to their house and sucked all the sense out of them and replaced with evil socialist ideology. The reality is it would be no more stressful than the things my parents have to face, infact it may be less stressfull seeing as they wouldn't work half as many hours as my dad does and also, maybe you haven't realised but people like my dad PAY FOR YOU.
Maybe you should think about what you say

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

how good is the state school system?

I know people who came out of the state school system with adequate education, but i know many more who cant spell do maths and other things. Now what i would like to know is how well the state really educates people, it seems that only higher decile schools do a good job. is it the teachers fault or are private schools just better? they seem to be. I also seem to hear more news items about bullying problems at state schools than bullying problems with private schools, infact i haven't really heard any news stories about private school bullying.
So am i just hearing the wrong things or does the state just suck at providing education?

It was young labour!

well as i was listining to the radio on the way to school this morning there was a piece of news saying lockwood smith or nick smith (i can never remember which one it was) had an idea of who taped him, he said it was a young nat but they didn't seem to act like one. Now as soon as i heard this i thought to myself either they have a mole or... it was young labor. Now you may ask yourself "well how do you know this?", ill tell ya how... i was there. I was protesting with fellow act party supporters but young labor were all so there dressed up as young nats. You may also ask yourself "they could just have been young nats having a bit of fun", well sorry but they weren't
1. there was that big maori guy that practically is young labor
2. i can tell a socialist when i see one, and they were socialists
Also the national mps were taped being questioned on the subject of selling of state assets, now isn't it a coincidence that young labor were doing a pretend auction of all state assets?
would it not be perfect if young labor managed to get the real info so they could be absolutley sure this is what national would do?
It's all coming together, young labor stand outside dressed as young nats, make a rucus to distract the bouncers and then one of them slips in.
One of those young labor people could have easily pulled it off and they seemed pretty determined to get the point across so why not go in there take a secret recording and splash it all over the media, makes national look bad and labor look allright.
Thats all i have to say about the matter for now but i will post more when i find more out.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

just thought id tell you

if you have seen lindsay mitchells blog i am the guest blogger. And i am her son (gee didnt expect that)


I'm not hugely cynical by the way i just thought i'd name my blog that because people say i am.