Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Batman - Its bound to happen sooner or later

We all know the story of Batman, and I was thinking the other day that eventually, someone is going to pull something like this.

It wouldn't be hard to get into that kind of attitude and decide the police aren't doing a good enough job (hey that can be said for some places already) and that you are going to solve this problem.
But what i wonder is why hasn't it happened already? YES there are vigilantes in America, but not spectacular ones, more the ones who parade around in their mothers basement all day in their costume and occasionally foil a convenience store robbery.
What I wonder is why there haven't been any spectacular vigilantes who actually make a difference to the world, like Batman seems to in his world.
Probably because of the immense amount of time and money that would need to be put into it to achieve the skills that you would need to fight these types of criminals.
You wouldn't just show up to work the next afternoon "BOB Why so late?!" "sorry boss I just stopped three muggings and a robbery last night", someone would notice and that is why it would make more sense for someone with a lot of money and a lot of time on their hands.
A rich person in other words, only problem with this is that I think you will find a majority of people with that amount of time and money are fat, bald, and hungover.
So that I think explains why it hasn't happened yet, but no doubt eventually it will.

Something FAR more likely is for a vigilante like Rorshach to emerge.

A man who started off fighting crime, and in the midst of it drove himself to insanity yet continues to fight crime but with much more brutality and in a no b******t way, which may often involve killing the criminal he has found.
That is much more likely.
You want to know why? Because undoubtedly the things you would find in certain crime cases would drive a man insane, yet be so determined to continue his work that he takes out much more severe punishment on the criminals.