Sunday, September 27, 2009

Evening readers/PSA

It has been awhile hasn't it?
Atleast a year.
I must say its been rather dry politically, young labour seemed to have crawled back into their holes and winston has all but dissapeared. The food nazis also have subsided, probably due to the fact national doesn't give a damn (nor should they).
The only thing that remains the i really have to talk about, is the great threat that is socialism and communism.
This 'disease' appears to have breached the reserviours and infected the water supply, there has been a rather large influx of the so called thinking in the youth of today.
Now you may ask "why Robert, why do you come to these conclusions", ill tell you why.
All these people already have some left leaning tendancies, so of course they will drink water as not to support big corporates, and then seeing as this disease is in the water supply they catch it.
There are no symptoms apart from these ideas festering away in your brain of "Everyone is equal" and "we need to redistribute everything", aswell as the occasional "all hail stalin".
You may think i am lying on this sudden rise, however if you are in school (like me) maybe, just ask around.
In my experience, a majority will be at varying stages of the disease taking over their political thinking, it has become increasingly frustrating to see this as no one listens to what i have to say whether it is right or wrong, i just get slammed and called "Racist" or i am told "OH SO YOU THINK THAT NO ONE IS EQUAL AND WE SHOULD HAVE HUGE DIFFERENCES IN QUALITY OF LIFE?".
I never said that, sure i believe in equal opportunity but theres no such thing as equal outcome now is there.
And really, no one is equal.
If we were all equal everyone would own a 20 year old television like me.
We would all live in south auckland (now this would be because of redistribution of wealth, no ones got money now).
And we would all be moaning even more so than we are now, how the government needs to assist more people and what not (hey it just did assist the people, in the form of taking everything away from everyone and the handing it out as "they see fit").
And another thing that has infected the water supply, the "THE GOVERNMENT WAS BEHIND 9/11" belief.... you disgusting disgusting people.
(this was a bit of a piss take in case yáll hadn't realised).

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Lucy said...

Good one Robert. Glad to see no all young people have been 'got at'